Crypto Trading, Simplified

Automate your trades and relax, with Illuminex. Connect Illuminex to your exchange account. Set your parameters and the bot will check the market every minute to see if a trade within your parameters should be made.

Features Include:

Full Transaction History:
When you connect your Illuminex trading account to the exchange you use, you can get your full transactional history.

Copy Trading:
Not sure what strategy to set or how? With Illuminex you can see top perfoming bots of other users, and copy their strategy.

1 minute Trading Intervals:
Our bots check the market every minute so you get more trading opportunities. Relax, and let the bots do the work for you.

Illuminex never takes custody of your crypto assets. They remain in your preferred exchange account.

The Illuminex advantage

  • • The bots and manual trades are simple to set up and track
  • • You can use bots to control up to 50 different coins at one time
  • • Low-cost transactional fuel
  • • Demo account available so you can test configurations
  • • Useful information and notifications make manual trades much easier
  • • Complete history of transactional data.
  • • Referral bonus paid monthly when someone uses your referal code

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